VSP orientation_homepage2A taste of Canadian medical educationJuly 28, 2014The inaugural Vancouver Summer Program in Medicine has brought 85 Chinese students to UBC for courses in pharmacology and clinical research. Read More

Montaner and Queensland minister_homepageQueensland signs on to British Columbia’s HIV strategyJuly 23, 2014The Australian state became the latest jurisdiction to adopt the policy of widespread HIV testing and the immediate offer of anti-retroviral drugs. Read More

Wood-Evan-homepageEarly HIV infection often eludes clinical diagnosisJuly 15, 2014In an article published in JAMA, lead author Evan Wood and collaborators found that physicians struggle to recognize early HIV infection through clinical exams alone. Read More

BC map_homepageFaculty of Medicine creates a new option for graduate studentsJuly 14, 2014Students can now pursue research-oriented advanced degrees with faculty members in Victoria, Prince George and Kelowna. Read More

Radiology fellow_homepage1A self-funded effort at academic enrichmentJuly 14, 2014For more than 20 years, UBC radiologists have been funding -- out of their own pockets -- fellowships for residents and newly-appointed specialists from Canada and beyond. Read More

MRI screenshotStand up for hip health researchJuly 2, 2014With the newly-acquired Upright Open MRI, UBC researchers will be able to see joints in action -- an impossible task with conventional scanners that require patients to lie still. Read More

Michael KrauszLife After RehabJune 26, 2014Professor Michael Krausz discusses the rehabilitation process and what recovering addicts need to do to stay sober long-term. Read More

SMH CC tower_nightSurrey Memorial expands teaching capacity with new towerJune 23, 2014The eight-story addition includes a simulation lab and other spaces dedicated to teaching and training of medical students and residents. Read More

Medical service_homepageLost and found in medical serviceJune 20, 2014A young physician reflects on how she found a renewed commitment to medicine by helping patients abroad. Read More

RRate homepage_03A faster way to measure a patient’s breathing rateJune 18, 2014The mobile phone app developed by UBC researchers can calculate the rate in 10 seconds -- compared to one minute using the standard "stopwatch" method. Read More