Midwifery_FirstGradClass_FeatureMidwifery Program celebrates 10-year anniversary of first graduating classMay 19, 2015This spring, eight more students will earn a Bachelor of Midwifery degree from UBC. Read More

Vikram Vij and Rossana Ascencio led the cooking class.Two local chefs host a cooking class for prostate cancer survivorsMay 19, 2015Chef Vikram Vij leads a cooking class as part of a prostate cancer study led by #UBC Dr, Carolyn Gotay. Read More

Dr. Christie NewtonChristie Newton appointed Director, Interprofessional EducationMay 15, 2015Dr. Newton's appointment is effective May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2017. Read More

Lee-Anna HuismanAboriginal MD program meets graduation goal ahead of scheduleMay 15, 2015In 2002, UBC's Aboriginal MD Admissions program set an unofficial goal of graduating 50 more Aboriginal MDs by 2020. Now, the ambitious goal has been reached five years early. Read More

Poul SorensenThe key to stopping sarcomas’ spreadMay 11, 2015Poul Sorensen found a previously unknown protein pathway that enables tumour cells to withstand hypoxia -- and cancer drugs. Read More

Dr. Nichole FairbrotherUnderstanding “harm thoughts” in postpartum mothersMay 7, 2015Nichole Fairbrother's research aims to improve mental health care for postpartum mothers. Read More

Haakon Nygaard_homepageEpilepsy drug could help treat Alzheimer’s diseaseMay 5, 2015Haakon Nygaard, the Fipke Professor in Alzheimer's Research, tested a new, more potent anticonvulsant drug in mice, with promising results. Read More

Blair Leavitt_homepageDNA near Huntington’s gene can dampen — or worsen — the diseaseMay 4, 2015Blair Leavitt's work lays the groundwork for drugs that could affect the gene's expression. Read More

traffic-copy-770Air pollution exposure in first year of life increases risk for allergiesMay 4, 2015The study by Professor Michael Brauer, in the School of Population and Public Health, sheds new light on the childhood risk of developing allergies. Read More

Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu_homepage_01A big step closer to changing blood typesApril 29, 2015Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu, in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, removed most antigens in Type A and B blood, making it more like Type O, the universal donor type. Read More