Dermot-Kelleher-homepage-photoDermot Kelleher appointed Dean, Faculty of MedicineFebruary 25, 2015Dr. Kelleher will join the Faculty of Medicine beginning September 1, 2015. Read More

Twitter the right prescription for sharing health research: UBC studyFebruary 16, 2015Using Twitter can help physicians be better prepared to answer questions from their patients. Read More

UBC Internal Medicine resident Dr. Calvin KeMedical resident helps uncover drastic rise in Type 2 diabetesFebruary 13, 2015Calvin Ke is the first author of a journal article showing that Type 2 diabetes has overtaken Type 1 among B.C. youth. Read More

Samantha Hansford and David Huntsman_homepageGraduate student helps unravel the genetic foundation of her own family’s tragedyFebruary 12, 2015Samantha Hansford's very personal reason for coming to study under UBC's David Huntsman. Read More

MedPlay-360x240Playing with creativity: UBC production helps medical students get in touch with their artistic sidesFebruary 11, 2015Learn how this year's MedPlay has helped medical students get in touch with their artistic sides. Read More

Carolyn Gotay_homepagePushing back against a fatalistic view of cancer riskFebruary 5, 2015In the journal Science, Carolyn Gotay and colleagues take issue with a recent article attributing most cancer risk to "bad luck." Read More

Illes Rossi diptych“Seduced by false promise”February 5, 2015Professors Judy Illes and Fabio Rossi express concern about Gordie Howe's use of experimental stem-cell therapy to try to improve his recovery from stroke. Read More

Dr. Skye BarbicMental health rehabilitation through the patient lensFebruary 3, 2015Occupational therapist and postdoctoral fellow Skye Barbic says our current understanding of mental health recovery on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is too narrow. Read More

Eaton girl tracing_homepageBrain changeFebruary 2, 2015Lara Boyd explores whether an unorthodox curriculum has a neurological impact on children. Read More

Pregnant woman gets blood pressure checkA physician does an about-face, based on her own researchJanuary 28, 2015Clinical Professor Laura Magee found, to her surprise, that lowering pregnant women's blood pressure is safer for them and safe for their babies. Read More