Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu_homepage_01The search for a reliable antidote to heparinOctober 29, 2014The compound developed by Jaychandran Kizhakkedathu is intended to prevent serious bleeding, especially during surgery. Read More

Dr. Susan SmallRubber duckies as research toolsOctober 27, 2014Susan Small, Director of UBC’s Pediatric Audiology Lab, shares tips on recognizing and preventing hearing loss in infants and children. Read More

New test identifies severe sepsis within an hourOctober 24, 2014Using a genetic signature, the test takes as little as an hour, speeding the time to treatment with aggressive antibiotics. Read More

Nurse caring about old woman lying in bedDissecting assisted suicideOctober 16, 2014Clinical Assistant Professor, Michael Curry, says crossing the line from alleviating suffering into assisted suicide could lead us into murky waters. Read More

Sedimented_red_blood_cells-770Enzyme may be key to stopping fatal sepsis outcomesOctober 15, 2014Professor Keith Walley has discovered that controlling levels of the human enzyme PCSK9 could be the difference between life and death for patients with severe sepsis. Read More

MoodFx-homepage-photoNew mobile friendly website to help Canadians manage depressionOctober 10, 2014Raymond Lam led the creation of MoodFx, a mobile friendly website for monitoring clinical depression and connecting with mental health providers. Read More

Dr. Roger Wong, associate dean of postgraduate medical education, with geriatric medicine resident Dr. Martha SpencerUBC subspecialty residents prepare for silver tsunamiOctober 8, 2014UBC subspecialty residency training programs are equipping the next generation of doctors to help the wave of aging baby boomers. Read More

Jehannine Austin_homepageUnravelling the link between genetics and mental illnessOctober 7, 2014There are still no genetic tests to diagnose or confirm a psychiatric condition, but Jehannine Austin hopes genetic research can lead to more targeted and effective treatments. Read More

Fipke_homepageCanadian diamond pioneer donates $9.1 million for Alzheimer’s researchOctober 3, 2014Chuck Fipke's gifts include an endowed professorship and state-of-the-art brain imaging technology. Read More

HF and AW_homepageMinister of State for Seniors gets close-up view of Centre for Brain HealthOctober 3, 2014Alice Wong is the second federal cabinet member in six weeks to visit the centre. Read More